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Response code testing

Create a payment with the amounts in the table below to simulate and trigger the listed response codes. To use them, just change the amount of your test payment. If you use any other amount, your payment will return as approved (response code 10000).

If an amount contains an x, you can replace it with any number of your choosing. For example, xxx05 could be used as 12305.

AmountResponse codeDescription
xxx0520005Declined - Do not honour
xxx1220012Invalid payment
xxx1420014Invalid card number
xxx5120051Insufficient funds
xxx5420087Bad track data
xxx6220062Restricted card
xxx6320063Security violation
999820068Response received too late / timeout


Only for 3D Secure payments

20150Card not 3D Secure enabled


Only for 3D Secure payments

20150Unable to specify if card is 3D Secure enabled
50005029201533D Secure system malfunction (3DS1-enabled cards only)
6510201543D Secure authentication required
6520201543D Secure authentication required
6530201543D Secure authentication required
6540201543D Secure authentication required
xxx3330033Expired card - Pick up
400140101Payment blocked due to risk
400840108Gateway reject - Post code failed
2011200R1Issuer initiated a stop payment (revocation order) for this authorization
2013200R3Issuer initiated a stop payment (revocation order) for all payments

Testing the amounts 2011 and 2013

When testing the amounts 2011 and 2013, the response codes 200R1 and 200R3 will only be returned on the first attempt. Additionally, if multiple attempts are made using a non-Visa credit card, this will lead to the card being locally blacklisted. You will need to whitelist it via the risk engine settings.

Bypassing the response codes

You can turn off this feature so that the payment will be approved no matter which amount is provided. To do so, simply set the card's expiry date to 01/2099

Response codes related to 3D Secure (xxx150, 6900, and 5000 - 5029) will not be bypassed.