Event types

Checkout.com sends webhooks for a number of event types.

To subscribe to certain event types, follow the instructions in webhook management.

List of event types

Webhook event typeDescription

View a card verified webhook example.

Card verified
Occurs when a card verification is successful.

View a card verification declined webhook example.

Card verification declined
Occurs when a card verification is not approved.

View a dispute canceled webhook example.

Dispute canceled
Occurs when a dispute is canceled by the issuing bank and your account is credited back the disputed amount.

View a dispute evidence required webhook example.

Dispute evidence required
Notifies you that you need to respond to a dispute, and that your account has been debited the disputed amount.

View a dispute expired webhook example.

Dispute expired
Notifies you that you can no longer respond to a dispute, because the time limit to take action has been exceeded.

View a dispute lost webhook example.

Dispute lost
Notifies you that the issuing bank has rejected your evidence and you have lost the dispute.

View a dispute resolved webhook example.

Dispute resolved
Occurs when we automatically resolve the dispute because it had already been refunded.

View a dispute won webhook example.

Dispute won
Notifies you that the issuing bank has accepted your evidence and you have won the dispute. Your account has been credited back the disputed amount.

View a payment approved webhook example.

Payment approved
Occurs when an acquirer or provider approves a payment.

View a payment pending webhook example.

Payment pending
Occurs on asynchronous payments when further action is required.

View a payment declined webhook example (for payments) or a payment declined webhook example (for card payouts).

Payment declined
Occurs when a payment times out, or is declined by the acquirer or provider.

View a payment expired webhook example.

Payment expired
Occurs when the merchant generates an alternative payment link but the customer fails to access it to complete the payment.

View a payment voided webhook example.

Payment voided
Occurs when an acquirer voids an authorized payment.

View a payment canceled webhook example.

Payment canceled
Occurs when an end user cancels the payment through the provider’s interface.

View a payment void declined webhook example.

Payment void declined
Occurs when a void attempt times out, or is declined by the acquirer or provider.

View a payment captured webhook example.

Payment captured
Occurs when an acquirer captures an authorized card payment, or when the provider completes an alternative payment capture.

View a payment capture declined webhook example.

Payment capture declined
Occurs when a capture times out, or is declined by the acquirer.

View a payment capture pending webhook example.

Payment capture pending
Occurs when an acquirer is in the process of capturing a payment.

View a payment refunded webhook example.

Payment refunded
Occurs when an acquirer refunds a captured payment.

View a payment refund declined webhook example.

Payment refund declined
Occurs when a payment refund times out, or is declined by an acquirer.

View a payment refund pending webhook example.

Payment refund pending
Occurs when an acquirer is in the process of refunding a payment.

View a payment chargeback webhook example.

Payment chargeback
Occurs when a chargeback is requested for a payment.

View a payment retrieval webhook example.

Payment retrieval
Occurs when a retrieval is requested for a payment.

View a source updated webhook example.

Source updated
Occurs when a payment source has been updated.

Only applies to payouts. View a payment paid webhook example.

Payment paid
Occurs when a payout is made to a card.

Receiving a payment_captured notification via webhooks is the only way to confirm a payment completes successfully.

Get event types (API)

Use this API request to view all available event types.

The GET request



Header parameters




secret key

Use the valid secret key of your Checkout.com account. You can find this in the Hub.




Query parameters

Query parameterDescription



The version of the API that you wish to retrieve event types for. Use version=1.0 for the Classic API and ?version=2.0 for the Unified Payments API. If you do not use this parameter, event types for both versions will be returned.

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