Prestashop installation

Set up payments on your Prestashop store. Before you begin, make sure your Prestashop store is up and running.

Step 1: Download and install the plugin

  1. Download the plugin from GitHub.
  2. Install the plugin:
    a. Login to the Prestashop admin panel.
    b. In the module list, find:
    Modules > Modules. (Gateway 3.0)
    c. Click install

Step 2: Configure the plugin

  1. Enter your keys.
    In the related fields, enter your Secret Key and your Public API Key.
  2. Select a transaction method.
    Decide which option is best for your business.
    • Authorize Only
      Transactions will only authorize and must be captured manually.
    • Authorize and Capture
      Transactions are authorized and captured automatically.
      With authorize and capture, an auto-capture time can be set. Auto-capture time defines how long after an authorization that a capture will be made — the default time is 0.
  3. If your website is PCI compliant, select the card types you wish to display on the checkout page.
  4. Click Update Settings to save the configuration.

Great news! Your installation is complete and you can start taking payments.

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