OpenCart installation

Install our extension on your OpenCart site and start accepting payments now.

Before you start

  • Make sure you have your API keys ready. You can find these in the Hub.
  • Find out your PCI compliance status. If you're unsure, you are probably not fully PCI compliant.

Step 1: Download and install the extension

  1. Download the extension from GitHub.
  2. Upload the contents of the extension to...
    [Root Directory]/upload/admin/...
    [Root Directory]/upload/catalog/...
  3. Log in to your OpenCart admin panel.
  4. Go to Extension > Payments.
  5. Find 3.0) in the payment list.
  6. Click the [+] icon to install the extension.

Step 2: Configure the extension

  1. Click on the [Pen] icon to configure the payment module.
  2. Enter your secret key and public key.
  3. Is your website PCI Compliant?
    • Yes: your website should be PCI compliant.
    • No: use Checkout.js
  4. Select a payment action type:
    • Authorize Only: Transactions will only authorize and must be captured manually.
    • Authorize and Capture: Transactions are authorized and captured automatically. With authorize and capture, an auto-capture time can be set. Auto-capture time defines how long after an authorization that a capture will be made — the default time is 0.

Can we help?

Thanks for using If you need any help or support, then message our support team at

OpenCart installation

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